CNAME and other data , BUG #428

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Thu Dec 5 21:56:14 UTC 2002

Chimento, Douglas <Douglas.Chimento at> wrote:

> From what I have seen :
> If A records show up in the file  before cnames , it seems to work fine.

> Bind=20
> Why does BIND reject the entire zone and not the entry which caused the
> issue?

In the "old days" bind didn't notice, instead errors creeped up randomly
at *other* nameservers ( depending on which order the responses came )

As this never been legal, nor meaningful, modern bind detects the
broken config and refuses to load such a zone.=20

And there is no point in having software guess what errors to ignore thus
bind discrads the whole zone.

What you are trying to do is simular to be "partly pregnant".

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> "Chimento, Douglas" wrote:

>> > If you actually serve such errors to the internet,
>> > your DNS won't work  anyways - so there's no point in disabling it.
>> Huh?
>> Yes it will.
>> Are you saying that people running version 8.1.2 and lower with this=20
>> error won't work at all?

> It might work *intermittently*, depending on the order in which the reco=
> are seen, and the respective software versions and standards-conformance=
> the servers and/or clients which are communicating with your server(s).

> Certainly nothing I'd trust a production system to.

> - Kevin

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