Selectively Allowing Recursive Query

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Dec 6 03:50:52 UTC 2002

At 06:54 PM 12/2/02, Cricket Liu wrote:

>Tai_Nguyen at wrote:
> > Our server is hosting multiple domains. We would like to know is
> > there any way we can allow recursive queries on some domains and
> > block recursive queries on the rest.
>You can only restrict access to recursion by IP address.  Use
>the allow-recursion options substatement, e.g.,
>options {
>     allow-recursion { 10/8; };

Actually the question as written does not make a lot of sense. If the
server is authorative for the queried domain then there's no reason
to recurse, it already has the required information. If it's not authorative
for the domain then whether or not the server allows recursion should
only depend on who is requesting the information as Cricket shows.
Could it be that you misunderstand what recursion means? I am sure
you can find a discussion on recursion in one of Cricket's books. Maybe
you can explain what you really need to accomplish?


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