Possible to copy and entire domain?

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 6 18:01:10 UTC 2002

Brian Johnson wrote:
> I've just started setting up DNS and have been able to create an internal view and
> hook into DHCP to dynamically update my domain
> I would like to set up a second domain name that is just a duplicate of the first
> including all the dynamically updated ip addresses

With static zones you'd just include the same zone file in the
zone definition and use relative names, but I guess you knew
that. I don't think an analogous approach works (but hey you can
always try ;-).
> I had trouble coming up with a good description to search by and couldn't filter
> the proper answer out of all the search engine responses
> Is this possible?

Of course, you could always modify BIND, assuming you can
specify exactly what you want :-(
> How do I do it?

DNAME does something similar, it isn't 100% equivalent as it
generates CNAME's on the fly for systems that don't like
DNAME's, but it might be adequate for your needs, depending why
you want this behaviour.

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