Name resolution problem with BIND 8.3.3

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Dec 6 18:16:33 UTC 2002

At 10:20 AM 12/3/02, elemental wrote:
>So this Danny Mayer character tells us...
>// This really is a Windows problem.  Try turning off the DNS Cache client
>// in Services (make it manual).  The cache is probably causing you
>// problems. If you are using dig and nslookup from the Windows BIND
>// kit, it does not use the same resolver at the other Windows clients. It
>// uses the BIND resolver. Be careful that you are using either Microsoft's
>// nslookup or BIND's nslookup.
>Unbelievable. I've been tearing my hair out over this for weeks and this is
>all it was. I disabled the service, restored my original hosts file (I was
>using this for resolution in the meantime), rebooted for good measure, and
>now everything works fine.

Microsoft got this idea from, IIRC, Sun. It's really a bad idea to have two
sets of cache for DNS records on the same machine. I have gotten into
the habit of turning it off on and W2K/WXP machine that I use.

>Thank you, sir. I'll buy you a drink if you're ever in the Pasadena, CA area.

I've never been there. I'm on the east coast.

>BTW, I was using the standard Windows nslookup, and dig from the BIND kit.

That's what I thought.


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