resolving issue

Simon Waters Simon at
Sun Dec 8 12:17:40 UTC 2002

Aaron wrote:
> I have two name servers listed in my /etc/resolv.conf, I don't have
> anythign else besides the nameserver option in there.The name servers
> both host different domains, that's why I need them both. Everytime I
> try to ping/resolve a name from the second name server it doesn't
> work, but the first one does. If I switch the name server entries I
> get the same results.
> Can someone please explain to me how I can get my solaris 8 box to
> look at both name servers?

DNS doesn't work like that.

Stubs (like your SUN) query recursive name servers.

Recursive name servers (don't know about zones in advance) query
authoritative name servers (which hold the original copy of zone

Confusion arises because BIND performs both roles by default,
but if you mentally seperate the two roles (DJBDNS seperates
these roles into two seperate executables, often run on
different servers), then you'll see the problem is the recursive
resolvers you are asking don't know about the other zones.

This means the zones aren't delegated correctly. There are ways
of bypassing delegation (slaving all the zones, stub directives,
forwarding), but they all boil down to making sure both
recursive resolvers have the same view of the name space, which
is a good thing from a redundancy perspective as well.

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