BIND 9.2.1 acting as DNS for Win2k Active Directory

Cricket Liu cricket at
Mon Dec 9 17:41:24 UTC 2002

Mark.Andrews at wrote:
>> This error is probably caused by the DC trying to add an A RR for
>>, which already has an A RR.  This shouldn't be
>> causing a problem, but if you'd like to prevent the DC from even
>> trying to add the A RR, see Recipe 8.8 of the Cookbook or Microsoft
>> Knowledge Base article Q246804 (hint:  you're looking for
>> RegisterDNSARecords).
> Cricket you know that it is not a error.  We have to be
> consistant in the education process and say that it is a
> negative response indicating the prerequisite part was not
> met and that the update was conditional on the prerequisite
> part being met.

Yes, that's true, Mark.  I should have said, "This message is
probably caused by..."  It's not an error--it indicates that the
updater didn't want the updated processed if the domain name
existed, and since it did, the name server took no action.


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