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Jeff Lasman jblists at nobaloney.net
Mon Dec 9 19:54:23 UTC 2002

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Am 22:40 2002-12-06 GMT hat John Oliver geschrieben:
>  >
>  >On 6 Dec 2002 21:57:21 -0000, Dave Comcast wrote:
>  >> Anyone know of a good web admin program for Bind that is written in Perl
>  >> that doesn't need MySQL?
>  >
>  >"good" and "web admin"?  The two are pretty much antonymous... :-)
>  >What's wrong with ssh?
> for one Domain OK, but some hundred's...

Are you writing that ssh is cumbersome for hundreds of domains, and that
using something like webmin would be easier?

I'd have to disagree.

We've got some shellscripts that enable us to handle thousands of
domains in seconds.

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