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Jeff Lasman jblists at nobaloney.net
Mon Dec 9 20:18:39 UTC 2002

Shanmugam Palaniappan wrote:

>     Does ssh support dynamic update as well for BIND? I am looking for
>   a web based GUI to update DNS DNS domain data as well as dynamic update
>    for record types A, PTR, MX and SRV. webmin does not suport SRV records
>   as of today.

I guess a bit of clarification is in order here; oldtimers bear with me
a moment...

"ssh" simply means secure shell".  We used to say "telnet" but we don't
anymore because we don't use telnet anymore; it's too insecure.

So when we write "ssh" we really mean "using the command line".  

Since we use DNS for webhosting, I don't have any personal experience
with SRV records, but yes, using a good text editor from the comand line
you can certainly configure anything bind is capable of.

Of course you DO have to know what you're doing.  For that I could
recommend one or more of several good books; "DNS and Bind", cowritten
by Cricket Liu, who writes here often, comes to mind.

We've both modified readily available scripts and written our own, to
maintain thousands of domain names.  In fact we have (in some cases)
hundreds of domain names using the same zone-file.

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