problems reaching name server from different locations

Simon Waters Simon at
Tue Dec 10 02:07:04 UTC 2002

Niek Baakman wrote:
> The fact that the problem is intermittent, probably points to dns servers
> with problemos. Suppose you use 2 dns servers on that system
> (/etc/resolv.conf), and 1 is having problems. Then sometimes you have no
> problem doing:
>         dig
> and sometimes you do (because the faulty DNS you're using doesn't look up
> the ip for
> This is the most logical explanation, so check if the name servers in your
> resolv.conf are really functioning.

No I'm with Mark on delegation, I think the problem is their DNS
is housed on and domains, and most of
these servers return TTL of 0 for A records of name servers.
This with BIND 9, and the other delegation issues Mark mentioned
convinced me without doing the details checking of whether there
is one path through the maze of delegation that might actually
cache correctly.

If it was bad recursive servers all domains would break at the
same time.

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