Newbie: Looking for a version of bind. Please help!

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Tue Dec 10 04:11:51 UTC 2002

On 9 Dec 2002 23:46:09 -0000, Bill wrote:
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>> On 8 Dec 2002 06:03:03 -0000, Bill wrote:
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>> > Hi, all. I'm trying to get started using BIND, and I've heard that
>> > there were some versions of bind which worked with win98SE, namely
>> > BIND 4.9.7, but I can't seem to find any binaries of these. Could
>> > someone kindly point me in the right direction? All other DNS software
>> > for win98SE is expensive, and BIND is superior anyway :).
>> Why on earth would you want to use Win98 for a DNS server???  That's
>> like hauling a trailer with a Yugo... sure, you can do it, but not very
>> well, and not for long before the engine blows.
>> Download a recent distribution of Linux.  It's free, and will include a
>> version of bind that'll work perfectly well.
>> Or, on the other hand... no offense, but anyone whose clue-level tells
>> them to use Win98 like this is probably better off letting their ISp
>> handle this sort of stuff for them.  This is how we wind up with
>> viruses, trojans, crackers, Nimda, Code Red, and a myriad of other
>> scripted nonsense floating around...
> But no idea where to get the files? My machine could handle BIND
> easily.

No.  Bind 4 is hopelessly ancient, anyway.

> I've done a lot of work beefing up win98se so that it is very secure,
> pretty efficient, and I've also upgraded the hardware, so it is one
> helluva machine. It could eat Nimda for breakfast! However, it is not
> compatible with the versions of linux I tried (yes, that would be the
> easiest way) for some stupid reason involving my display adapter and
> lack of drivers. I don't feel like buying more hardware (which is why
> I didn't buy the more expensive software in the first place!!!) so I'd
> rather just get the compatible version of BIND.

A) You can "beef up" a Yugo quite a bit, but it's still a Yugo at heart.

B) You don't need a GUI with a server, and shouldn't use one anyway...
it wastes resources.  Just use CLI, and you'll be fine.

> Oh, the version of BIND I was talking about: It was a version designed
> for NT with a graphical interface and all, which had been ported to 98
> by someone in my situation. The binaries just got lost somewhere
> later. The nice graphical interface isn't necessary - I just want
> something that wil work. Again: any help involving the location of the
> files would be good, but no more win98-dissing, please.

This isn't "Win98 dissin'"... it's all about suitability to purpose.
Like hauling a trailer with a Yugo... saying "Don't do it" isn't dissing
yugos, it's stating a plain, simple fact... A Yugo isn't built to haul
trailers.  Trying to make it do so is just buying problems down the

Do yourself a favor, and do this the easy way... use an appropriate OS
and a modern version of bind.

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