nsupdate qestion

billy bob fat_billybob at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 10 19:26:31 UTC 2002

Hi everyone.

there is a way to pass a standard journal file to
nsupdate command?

that's my mydomain.com.log file 

[DYNAMIC_UPDATE] id 0 from [].53 at
1015009678 (named pid 2804):
zone:   origin mydomain.com class IN serial 2001442926
prereq: {nxrrset} PC102.mydomain.com. IN A 
update: {add} PC102.mydomain.com. 129600 IN A

[INCR_SERIAL] from 2001442926 to 2001442927 Mon Dec  9
13:47:59 2002

[DYNAMIC_UPDATE] id 0 from [].53 at
1015009685 (named pid 2804):
zone:   origin mydomain.com class IN serial 2001442927
prereq: {nxrrset} pc103.mydomain.com. IN A 
update: {add} pc103.mydomain.com. 129600 IN A

[INCR_SERIAL] from 2001442927 to 2001442928 Mon Dec  9
13:48:05 2002

the nsupdate command work well with "prereq" and
"update", but there is some error with theses 3

> nsupdate -d ./mydomain.com.log
> incorrect section name: [DYNAMIC_UPDATE]
> section ZONE not permitted
> incorrect section name: [INCR_SERIAL]

thanks for any help


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