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Cricket Liu cricket at menandmice.com
Tue Dec 10 21:56:04 UTC 2002

billy bob wrote:
> I need to find a solution to because bind update from
> his mydomain.com.log file every 1 hour ( and it's a
> good time value)( so i can't touch it).  but  sometime
> I would need to tell(manually) my named  to look at
> his mydomain.com.log file to update.  cause
> I have some hosts added to ddns, but the information
> only take effect 1 hour later...  ( that's too long)
> so if I can manually tell named to look his
> mydomain.com.log file to update it ..   it will be
> great...

That's not the way BIND's processing of dynamic updates

The dynamic updates take effect immediately, but aren't
written to the zone data file right away.  Instead, the name
server stores a record of the change made in the .log file.
Roughly hourly, the name server writes the whole zone to
the zone data file and deletes the .log file.

So what you're talking about is not only unnecessary, since
the changes have already been made in the name server's
in-memory copy of the zone, but it would cause the changes
in the .log file to be made again.


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