Recursion just died...

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Dec 11 03:24:32 UTC 2002

At 10:35 PM 12/5/02, John Oliver wrote:
>On 5 Dec 2002 23:51:30 -0000, Simon Waters wrote:
> > What is the output of "dig @ a" or similar
> > random address.
>Many work.  Some don't... I get a list of root servers instead.  If I
>try to ping, for example, I'll just about always get
>"Unknown host".  slrn bombs out, unable to resolve the hostname of my
>news server.  If I comment out my own IP address from resolv.conf and
>use my secondary server, everything works fine.
>Oh, and something else that changed... I had bound another IP address to
>eth0 a few days ago, so when I restarted named, it would obviously be
>listening on the new interface.  Shouldn't make a difference, but if I
>had a nickle for every time I said that... :-)
>Also, my crappy NT 4 box, which is allowed to query recursively, says:
>DNS request timed out.
>     timeout was 2 seconds.
>*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
>*** Default servers are not available
>Server: UnKnown

Looks like there is no PTR record for

>So... even though the "servers aren't available", and it "can't find
>server name", it still works.  There is rDNS for which is
>fine as far as I can see.  I hate using nslookup or NT for an example,
>but... it's all I've got... :-)

You can download one of the Win32 BIND binary kits from ISC. It has
dig in it as well as host and even nslookup. There are kits for both
BIND 8 and BIND 9. You only need the DLL's and dig.exe to be in
the same directory to run it.


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