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Wed Dec 11 17:04:50 UTC 2002

J <usenet at linuxnuts.net> wrote:

> Does anyone know of any tools to make dynamic updates to a zone that=20
> could be scripted?  I'm thinking about DNS blacklists and how much of a=20
> waste of resources it is to transfer a large zone every time there is an=
> update (or a literal copy of the zone a couple times a day).  The=20
> obvious solution is IXFR transfers.  I don't know of any tools that can=20
> make dynamic updates that could be scripted however.

> I was getting a AXFR transfer of a large DNSBL up until a few weeks ago=20
> when the server disallowed transfers (probably because of the resources=20
> it consumes).  I pass it internally to my other DNS boxes so as to not=20
> waste more of that server's bandwidth.  I recently had to resort to=20
> literal copying of the zone when commanded.  That works but it consumes=20
> almost as much resources as the full zone transfer (consumes less=20
> because it isn't done with each change, only when commanded).

> If there was a simple CLI tool to make dynamic changes to master with=20
> scripts, it would be possible to use IXFR to only transfer the changes,=20
> saving resources on the master, resources on the primary slaves, and=20
> resources down at the slave level my servers are at.  The dynamic update=
> tool is the key as best I can tell.  Does anyone know of any or have any=
> other suggestions?  I don't run a DNS blacklist so I don't know if this=20
> is even feasible or possible.  It seems logical though.

I thing nsupdate would fit nice , see :
"http://www.ipsec.nu/dns/nsupdate.txt" for the nsupdate supplied with bind=

There is also perl-modules available.

> J

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