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Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Thu Dec 12 11:21:44 UTC 2002

	Several of the production root servers are preparing for=20
	IPv6. Those with announced intentions are:  B, F, H, M.

	There is a persistant testbed operated by some root operators
	that runs over IPv6 and supports IPv6 resources. FRnic is=20
	participating, having provided IPv6 capable nameservers to the
	IPv6 root for the .FR domain.  If you wish to register your IPv6=20
	servers for your .FR zone, you may wish to contact the FRnic to=20
	inquire about their participation and their ability to support
	IPv6 registrations within FR.

% I saw on this site there is both F server and there is now an IPv6 root
% server.
% Is this right or can we say it's only a mirror server with IPv4 ressources
% and not with IPv6 ressources ?
% Damien SOULIER
% "Matt Larson" <mlarson at> a =E9crit dans le message news:
% at8h0e$148s$1 at
% >
% > phn at wrote:
% > > Do you happen to have records of which 9, their locations and
% > > which organisations running them ?
% >
% > For up-to-date information about root server locations and the
% organizations
% > that run them, see
% >
% > Matt
% > --
% > Matt Larson <mlarson at>
% > VeriSign Global Registry Services
% >
% >


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