file zone serial number

Simon Waters Simon at
Thu Dec 12 18:18:31 UTC 2002

Paola wrote:
>    Sometimes the serial - numbers are of the same value but often the
> master's serial number is greater than the slaves'  ( that are equals
> ) .

Giv example if they are public servers!

>    Does anyone know if this behaviour is correct ( and if it is  so
> ... why ? ) or if I have a true problem ( big problem ) ?

It is definitely wrong. 

They should all be the same, some times you get a similar
problem if the serial number in the zone file is too long. One
client had YYYYMMDDVVV (where as YYYYMMDDVV - two V's for
version - is fine), but 20021212000 is greater than 2**31, and
so it is wrapped by the software.

Heck it isn't that big a problem, the most you can need is a
script to change the number in appropriate sequence then run it
for each zone (automatically if needed).

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