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José Enrique Díaz Jolly enrique at podernet.com.mx
Thu Dec 12 18:48:04 UTC 2002

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Stephane wrote:

=>I'm a named newbie and I have two (perhaps stupid) questions:
=>1) I have 1 DNS server for my domain. If it is
=>down, I'd like to have a second one. Which backup
=>DNS should I put ? My ISP's DNS ? My registrar's
=>DNS ? Another one ?
=>Once I add this backup NS in my /var/named/master/mydomain.com
=>file, which one is choosed first ? I mean, for the MX you can
=>set preferences, is there something like this for NS records ?
=>What happens if my NS is not choosed first ?
Usually if you have several NS RR they are issued from the upper level in 
RoundRobin so if one of two DNS is down it is fairly probable you'll miss 
half of the further queries. 

=>2) My registrar has currently set the DNS for my domain to the
=>company hosting my website. I can ask my registrar to change this
=>to my own DNS. What happens if the company doesn't change its DNS
=>settings for my domain (i.e. if they keep the zone "mydomain" / type
=>"master") in their named.conf ? Is it important ? My DNS server should
=>be the one asked when someone look for my domain since my registrar has
=>set it like this ?
Let's say you make any modifications to the zone on your DNS and you already 
have changed to your DNS the registrar records. Then all the internet wwill 
find your modifications but those using your ISP DNS for resolving.


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