Returning a "default" answer for invalid queries

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Thu Dec 12 23:05:16 UTC 2002

> Hi -
> We'd like to experiment internally with having Bind return a "default"
> answer when asked to look up a domain which doesn't exist, so we can
> (for example) point a user's browser at an explanatory page if they
> mistype a URL in the URL bar.  I've had a read of the docs for Bind,
> and can't find any mention of where such a thing can be specified - is
> this me failing to RTFM hard enough?  Or, alternatively, if anyone's
> familiar enough with Bind's internals (we're running 8, but would have
> no problems[1] migrating to 9) to be able to point me at the bit of
> code I'd need to munge to make this happen, I'd be most grateful.
> Cheers all --
> Dave

	This is a BAD idea which I think you will quicky find out.
	The world is not just http.  It is much better that users
	just learn to understand the error messages returned by the

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