Private networks and Local Names

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Dec 13 03:07:03 UTC 2002

	Our group has been asked to set up a private network
which will have non-regulation top-level domain names.  Customers
on that network will be able to access all the non-standard names
plus the normal Internet.  A dynamic dhcp server will perform
ddns operations against the private network dns to register names.

	Is there anything wrong with building a fake root zone
for all the local TLD's so that the dhcp server can determine
which dns is authoritative for those domains?

	The plan is to set dhcpd to give out addresses of dns's
that know about our home-grown zone as well as the regular

	The dns that has the fake root zone and only knows about
the local domains will not be given out as a valid dns but will
steer dhcpd to "know" where to register names when people join
the network.

	I originally set up the local dns to use our master dns
as a forwarder and it worked brilliantly at normal resolution,
but dhcpd could never add a forward map because the resolution
process involves the root servers who, of course, haven't got an
idea on Earth what these strange domains are other than some

	Ultimately, it would be okay if the local dns could
resolve the INternet as well as the private names, but I don't
want to see nsupdate and the dhcpd application getting confused
as they do now if using the forwarder.

	Thanks for any constructive suggestions.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
OSU Center for Computing and Information Services Network Operations Group

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