bad answers from BIND9 ?

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Dec 13 07:08:57 UTC 2002

Kevin Darcy wrote:
> The difference between the servers is that the BIND 8 nameserver happens to
> have the answer cached. So it gives an answer. The BIND 9 nameserver
> apparently doesn't. So it gives a referral. The respective versions of
> BIND that these nameservers are running has no apparent bearing on the
> contents of their responses.

So why do the root servers give different answers, as they don't
allow recursion? 

$ dig  +short +norec pl ns 

$ dig  +short +norec pl ns 

The error is to assume BIND 9 was wrong, not that recursion is
involved, I think.

I wonder whether the performance hit on upgrading root servers
to BIND 9 is less because of the shorter responses. Guess the
people who run F know.

Referrals should have empty answer sections AFAIK, the standard
is unambiguous, and Vixie amongst others have repeated this
claim many times.

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