Private networks and Local Names

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Dec 13 14:39:15 UTC 2002

	Many thanks to the two individuals who answered my

	This turned out to be one of those cases of trying to
trouble-shoot multiple problems at once and being tired at the
same time.  I had overlooked an error in the configuration that
caused me to be trying to update the wrong zone.  I thought that
the inability to find the authoritative dns was due to the normal
root information when actually, I was trying to update a domain
that didn't exist and bind was doing the normal thing.

	My private network dns now resolves the world and the
local domains with no forwarders and no trick root zones.

	Thank you for causing me to look again at everything

Martin McCormick

Doug Barton writes:
>I wouldn't set up what you're trying to do with a root zone. I'd set up a
>set of resolvers that slave the bogus zones, then list those in the
>dhcpd.conf for your client machines. That way you don't have to do
>anything fancy with root zones or forwarders.

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