Root hints zone in BIND 9

Simon Waters Simon at
Sat Dec 14 01:29:39 UTC 2002

Marc Bigler wrote:
> I have read that in BIND 9 the root hint zone file was per default
> included in the binary. Does that mean I don't need to specify it
> anymore in my named.conf file ?

It will 'zone "." { type cache; };' if you don't tell it not to.

I always explicitly code the handling of all zones of type IN, I
think it makes things more obvious, and coding defaults can have
other advantages, but until the zone file changes no you don't
have to configure it explicitly.

I think the IP address of changed since 9.2.1
was released, which is the last stable release of 9, but it will
"nag" you about this if it needs doing.

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