DNS / Mail problem

Pete Ehlke pde at ehlke.net
Sun Dec 15 04:24:06 UTC 2002

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 06:52:36AM +0100, glederrey at swissonline.ch wrote:
> Now there are two problems (maybe unrelated). First : when this client s
> ends mail (Outlook, with her ISP's smtp server) the "From:" and
> "Reply-to:" headers get rewritten from "user at von.oppersdorff.net" to
> "user at cobalt.genam.ch". I dont have this problem with any other domain
> that I host, but those domains have an MX record, and not a CNAME ; you
> cant have both an MX an d a CNAME for the same name, that is the
> following is wrong :
> von IN CNAME cobalt.genam.ch.
> von IN MX 0 cobalt.genam.ch.
> The question being : how can I avoid this header rewrite ?
This behaviour is required. See RFC 1123, Section 5.2.2.


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