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Doug Barton DougB at DougBarton.net
Sun Dec 15 22:33:48 UTC 2002

On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, almorton wrote:

> Hi
> First i hope i'm not in the wrong newsgroup ....

This is the one.

> As far as i know, nslookup is deprecated & dig should be used instead

Correct, when it comes to dns debugging. For simple lookups, 'host' is
just fine.

> yet, here the problem :
> news.wanadoo.fr =

Why do you say that? From where I sit (outside your network obviously):

host news.wanadoo.fr.
news.wanadoo.fr has address

There are no problems with the delegation for wanadoo.fr, and
news.wanadoo.fr is not delegated. So, I'd say that the four authoritative
name servers for wanadoo.fr disagree with your assertion. :)

> if i do :
> nslookup news.wanadoo.fr
> => news.wanadoo.fr    =
> right IP

Why are you querying Is that a local resolver of some sort?
I can't reach it from here.

> They also have ns2.wanadoo.fr ( and
> ns5.wanadoo.fr  ( but it *isn't* in the NIC and not SOA but
> will give the correct address
> for news.wanadoo.fr (ie

I don't understand that part, sorry. That domain is delegated to:

nserver:     ns.wanadoo.fr
nserver:     ns.wanadoo.com
nserver:     ns2.wanadoo.fr
nserver:     ns2.wanadoo.com

The .fr TLD name servers agree with whois.

I'm not sure that I really answered your question, but hopefully this will
help somewhat.


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