Does BIND 8.3.4 Has This problem ?

Scottie Lu s6577 at
Mon Dec 16 11:33:50 UTC 2002

Dear sirs :

    My installation is BIND 8.3.4 on FreeBSD 4.5 !
After I set option FETCH-GLUE to NO, my 8.3.4 wouldn't automatically resolve
the domain names of any name servers in NS records !
This is good for my work !

But something BAD happens!!!
After my 8.3.4 process's SIZE grew up to almost 130MB, I found that it
resolved those domain names in NS records AGAIN !!
And then if I restart named process, it would work fine !

I wonder this is 8.3.4's problem !
When the size of named process grew up to big enough, it will ignore
Fetch-Glue option and use the default value ( yes ) to perform automatically
resolve domain names in NS records!

Any idea ?
Thanks for any suggestion in advance :)

Best regards !
Scottie Lu

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