Relocating Primary and Secondary DNS servers.

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Tue Dec 17 17:42:00 UTC 2002

Matt Paulson <mpaulson at> wrote:

> My company is relocating to a new office soon.  However, the new
> office unfortunately comes with a new IP address.  Since we host
> websites and a mail server I need to know the best possible solution
> to our problem.

> Right now the Primary and Secondary DNS servers are on site (in the
> old offcice).  We have a 3rd offsite DNS server which will help.=20
> Using the 3rd server, how fesable is this:

> Manualy change the IP addresses on the 3rd DNS server and set the
> update time to some large number.  Once those numbers are uploaded
> with the new IP in the new office DNS 3 will be pointing to servers
> that aren't there yet (until the move).

> Once that happens, cut the DNS 1, DNS 2, and other servers, toss em in
> a car and put them up as soon as possible at the new site.  Update the
> IP in the Primary DNS server and push a replication to have DNS 2 and
> 3 update.  Then of course let Network Solutions know the update took
> place for the administrative server.

> Is this broken logic, or will it work?

It will work. You cold however shorten the fuzz by installing 2 new
dns servers on the new site ( remember you only need an old 486 machine=20
and 500MB disk to do this ). If you can allocate 2 fresh machines then
you don't even have to install the old ones at the new site.

Given the above 2 extra dns servers ( dns4 dns5):=20
1/ install the 2 new ones, one master one slave on the new site. Have them=
spit out the new dns information.

2/ tell netsol to change at a future date ( the day you will move)

3/ at that day, have your third dns reconfigured to use the new master=20

4/ move. turn the light off after you( or even better, if you can leave dn=
s1 and dns2=20
alive for a while, make them both slaves off dns4 or dns5 ). When no=20
more queries arrives at dns1 and dns2 you _know_ that the delegation
has propagated.

The moment you unplug dns1 and 2 all  queries will be resolved by dns3
(since that in the only reachable of your original ones. When netsol has
done their part ( re-delegating to dns3 dns4 and dns5 ) you will be finish=

If you want to re-instate your old dns: 5/ reconfigure them offline for th=
new site. Replace them one by one, double check for errors.

You will gain a lot of flexibility by using a fresh pair of nameservers.=20

> I realize the down time will be as long as we can move the servers,
> but once up will DNS3 point to the correct location until the big boys
> can update their registrars?

> Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.

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