Limit to client dynamic-updates

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Wed Dec 18 16:09:05 UTC 2002

Eric Busto <eric.busto at> wrote:
> Hello,

> We are encountering an odd problem.  We have an HP-UX machine running BI=
> and are using dynamic DNS for clients to update the DNS server with thei=
r IP
> addresses.  However, this operation starts failing once we reach 30 or s=
o IP
> addresses.  Note that this is 30 or so IP addresses for a single hostnam=
> not 30 or so seperate hostnames with associated IP's.  Is there a built-=
> limitation to the number of IP addresses one client can keep associated =
> its hostname?

> Thanks in advance!

Nope. What you see is a process where broken clients=20
registers a name but does not properly removes it.

That's a very good reason to deny clients and only=20
allow you isc-dhcp server to send dyn-updates.

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