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Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Wed Dec 18 23:00:24 UTC 2002

Mike Hake wrote:

>Hi all,
>In the RFC that specifies dynamic update, RFC 2136, it states:
>7.6. It is not possible to create a zone using this protocol, since
>   there is no provision for a slave server to be told who its master
>   servers are.  It is expected that this protocol will be extended in
>   the future to cover this case.  Therefore, at this time, the addition
>   of SOA RRs is unsupported.  For similar reasons, deletion of SOA RRs
>   is also unsupported.
>This was written in 1997, so I am wondering if there was ever any effort to
>come up with a method for dynamically adding new zones? If there was such an
>effort, what happend of it?
>Any info will be appriciated.
No, there hasn't been any effort. The appropriate IETF working group has 
been too busy squabbling about DNSSEC arcana/minutiae to make any 
noticeable improvements in the base protocol for quite some time now.

There is also this strange notion floating around that, in the absence 
of a full-fledged "Nameserver Configuration Control Protocol", no 
incremental changes can be made that will at least partially ease the 
burdens of DNS admins like you and I. In other words, it's framed as an 
All or Nothing proposition, and since none of the protocol heavyweights 
seems to be rushing to volunteer for "Nameserver Configuration Control 
Protocol", we get Nothing.
(All IMHO, of course).

                                            - Kevin

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