Strange Resolution Problem

Ruben I Safir ruben at
Thu Dec 19 05:43:41 UTC 2002

> >
> >               IN      A
> >            IN      A
> >          IN      A
> You missed most of the records. You only have one NS record for the
> zone instead of the two listed in the TLD. You need to add
> as an NS record to your zone file. You have a whole bunch of RFC 1918
> addresses in your zone file. Private addresses should not be visible in a
> public zone. All of those station* and student* addresses should be removed.
> My asterisk here represents a number. Also one of your MX records fax
> points to superman which is also a 192.168.0.* IP Address.


How can I remove those records and still have them resolve in the local network?


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