bind not caching?

Ayotunde Itayemi aitayemi at
Thu Dec 19 13:00:42 UTC 2002

      Hi All,

      I have two Linux RH7.2 systems running BIND 9.2 I noticed though that within minutes of losing my Internet Connection, the DNS servers stops resolving. Even sites that have obviously been queried before (google, cnn etc) don't resolve. What could be the problem? I work for an ISP and once in a long while our Internet link goes down for some minutes and this "no-resolution" problem happens. It looks as if the DNS servers are not caching? What can I do to fix this problem?

      Thanks. Tunde Itayemi.

      Below is the relevant section of my config (false ip please!):

      options {
              directory "/namedint";
              pid-file "/namedint/";
              listen-on {; };
              allow-query { validclients; };
              allow-recursion { validclients; };

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