Recursion with in authoritative zone

Do, Ho cao (NIH/CIT) doh at
Fri Dec 20 17:10:08 UTC 2002 (BIND 9.2.1) is an authoritative server for the's configuration file does not allow recursive query by
implementing the ACL list: "allow-recursion {recursive-list;};".

Every thing successfully performs as expected.  
Then the admin from would like hosting as a secondary name-server for  Unfortunately, the zone also has a which was delegated to

When the internet users query in name-server, refuses to answer because it is not
authoritative for any host in the sub domain (

The question is:

1-Is there any option that can turn on recursive query for a specific
sub-domain?  Realize that in this particular situation, the secondary server
is authoritative for the domain not for the sub-domain.
For Example:
in the zone file on the primary name-server of state that: IN NS
	... IN NS IN A (this is a fake IP)

Therefore, even though the is authoritative for,
it does not have a record for  In order to answer
the query for, has to do recursive
query that has instructed not to do so.

Please accept my apologize for my poor English.


Ho Cao Do

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