Recursion with in authoritative zone

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Dec 20 21:13:59 UTC 2002

"Do, Ho cao (NIH/CIT)" wrote:
> (BIND 9.2.1) is an authoritative server for the
>'s configuration file does not allow recursive query by
> implementing the ACL list: "allow-recursion {recursive-list;};".
> Every thing successfully performs as expected.
> Then the admin from would like hosting
> as a secondary name-server for  Unfortunately, the
> zone also has a which was delegated to
> When the internet users query in name-server
>, refuses to answer because it is not
> authoritative for any host in the sub domain (

Sounds like there are no glue records in for the
delegation, recursion shouldn't enter into it, the server should
issue a referral to non-recursive queries for that subdomain,
just as do the root servers for the gtld-servers, and neither of
those layers user recursion.

i.e. they should add an A record to for

If they are using nsupdate they will need to use "zone" to make sure the update ends up in the right zone
file, otherwise 'vi' will do.


nsupdate -k keyfile
> zone
> nsupdate add 86400 IN A

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