Help - Problem Propagating Reverse Zone

Adam Retter adam at
Sat Dec 21 16:56:56 UTC 2002

Hi Guys - Need some help please if possible,

    I seem to have a bit of  a problem with propagating my reverse dns zone.

My Reverse zone is and covers the address block, my name servers are and

My named.conf has the following entry -

zone "" IN {
        type master;
        file "";
        notify yes;
        zone-statistics yes;

Now what I dont understand is that if I do a reverse name lookup against my
servers e.g. nslookup then I get a result in this case
'' however if I try doing a reverse lookup against any
one else's dns servers on the Internet then I get no result. It would seem
that my reverse zone is not propagating across the Internet.

Can anyone explain to my why this is and why reverse lookups arent working
for us and perhaps even suggest a solution?



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