9.2.1 secondary to an 8.3.4 primary

Gary Bennett bennegl at shands.ufl.edu
Sun Dec 22 15:18:23 UTC 2002

My newly created chrooted 9.2.1 secondary picks up all of my zones =
correctly from the primary with the exception of the largest which is app =
230k. When I start the 9.2.1 secondary in debug, my shorter zones look =
like this:

Dec 22 10:10:39.066 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: starting load
Dec 22 10:10:39.108 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: number of nodes in database: =
Dec 22 10:10:39.109 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: loaded
Dec 22 10:10:39.109 no journal file, but that's OK
Dec 22 10:10:39.110 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: journal rollforward completed =
successfully: no journal
Dec 22 10:10:39.111 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: loaded serial 2002121002

The larger zone which does not load looks like:

Dec 22 10:10:39.123 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: starting load
Dec 22 10:10:39.124 zone XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX/IN: no master file

My primary's log shows a clean AXFR for the large zone, but it never =
appears in the secondary. =20

I've looked in the FAQ and list archives and have seen nothing definitive =
on what might cause this problem.  Any suggestions would be greatly =


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