Tip: Personal DNS server for Windows XP free !

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Wed Dec 25 16:58:13 UTC 2002

At 05:50 PM 12/21/02, Skybuck Flying wrote:
>Since bind 9.2.1 wasn't working on Windows XP and is difficult to setup for
>newbs and pro's via textfiles and search for a special dns server
>for windows xp :)
>I found and just installed this one and it works great :)
>( I had to first deinstall bind though :) )
>Check it out:
>It's free ! :)
>But is it secure ? :)

BIND-PE is the win32 port of BIND 9.2.1 with some changes. I've only
seen a few of the changes that they made so I can't tell if they are less
secure than BIND 9.2.1. The exception to this is that they are saving
cache to disk on shutdown and reloading it on startup. This makes them
more vunerable in cache poisoning attacks and shouldn't be done as there
is no real performance advantage in keeping the cache for an individual
user. I don't think that they did anything to make it more secure.



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