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Doug Barton DougB at DougBarton.net
Sun Dec 29 21:26:08 UTC 2002

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, R wrote:

> I hope this isn't too vague.  I guess I'm asking "How is it possible that
> register.com can answer for memorylaneresort.com?  Isn't
> memorylaneresort.com 'out of zone data'?"

No. You are confused about a few things. :) As long as the fully qualified
"out of zone" hostnames are on the RIGHT side of the resource record (or
in the SOA), you're golden. So, the following is totally kosher:

example.com. SOA ns1.register.com. hostmaster.example.com. (

example.com.	NS	ns1.register.com.

example.com.	MX	1 smtp.some-mail-host.com.


> I do have DNS & BIND fourth edition.  That doesn't mean I've understood all
> that I've read, so any pointers are very appreciated.

Read that book from beginning to end... skim over parts that aren't 100%
clear. Once you're done, start over. :) The thing about DNS is that there
is a lot of knowledge that builds on other knowledge. Even if you don't
understand something the first time around, you'll probably pick up more
info down the road that will help you.

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