Insane named memory usage

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Feb 1 21:33:53 UTC 2002

Chris F wrote:
> named 8.2.2-P5 running on Solaris7

> Anyone have a suggestion as to making it behave (other
> than upgrading)?

This version was the subject of a CERT advisory in January 2001,
so upgrading is long overdue.

> I'm looking at "options" such as stacksize and
> datasize. There's not alot of info on these settings
> out there.

That is as they are analogous to the OS settings and dependent
on the OS to implement them correctly.

BIND 9 implements the useful option to forget cached records
earlier than you otherwise would, it is possible latter version
of 8 implement it as well.

If it is a truely busy nameserver you are probably best to stick
to the latest version of 8, which shouldn't be difficult to
upgrade to.

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