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Sat Feb 2 00:11:42 UTC 2002

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Patrick Novak <pat.novak at> wrote:
>i have a master dns running v4.9.4, and a slave running
>v8.2.3.  all appears to be working between the 2, zone
>transfers etc.  i can resolve any host name on the master
>but can only resolve internal hosts on the slave. is this 
>the way it's supposed to work? i expected the slave would
>have the same functionality as the master.

I don't understand what you're saying.  Master and slave apply to specific
zones; a server can be a master for zone A and slave for zone B.  And
resolving external hosts is completely unrelated to whether they're master
or slave for some zones.

>in my named.conf i do not have entries for db.cache, and
> (the db.cache causes errors, and 
>the 0.0.127... i believe shouldnt be entered on the slave -
>maybe i'm wrong??) 

Why don't you have a db.cache?

>beyond that, all other files are
>pulled in the zone transfer.
>other than the "type slave" entries, the db.cache and
> entries,  i only have:
>options {
>        forwarders {; };
>        directory "/var/named";
>            };
>pretty straight-forward - any suggestions?

Even if you're configured with forwarders you should have a root hints
zone configured.

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