dns and subdomain(some corrections)

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Feb 2 02:15:14 UTC 2002

At 12:10 PM 2/1/02, gliu wrote:
>As a newbee in setting Dns server,I have a few questions in learining.
>The  Administrator of my company have given me a subdomain to be accessed 
>from internet.I was response for setting the domain server.
>go.nu -->the domain of my company    ip
>s.go.nu-->the domain name of my department   ip
>Now I tried to set up a linux server just for test.
>dns server name -->ns.s.go.nu (domain name--> 
>s.go.nu)    ip-->  gateway-->
>I found there was no problem at solving machine in 
>hostname<->ping ip).It was impossible to ping outside.eg: ping ip  (of 
>yahoo) directly Ok,but ping www.yahoo.com error.

If you set up your server to forward external requests to a nameserver that
can resolve external names you should be able to resolve www.yahoo.com.
Since you are behind a firewall, you cannot use ping to this host unless
the firewall allows ICMP through the firewall (which is most unlikely).
You shouldn't worry about trying to ping outside sites, just make sure you
can get valid IP addresses.

>Here are my setting files.
>zone "." {
>     type hint;
>     file "named.cache"; downloaded  from ftp://internic.net and copied to 
> /var/named/
>zone "s.go.nu"{
>     type master;
>     file "db.s.go.nu"
>file db.s.go.nu
>@  SOA ns.s.go.nu. root at s.go.nu. (
>     1997022700 ; Serial
>     28800 ; Refresh
>     14400 ; Retry
>     3600000 ; Expire
>     86400 ; Minimum
>NS ns.s.go.nu.
>ns IN A
>test IN A
>file /etc/resolve.conf
>My questions are
>1. How can not I ping nameserver at internet although i setup the 
>root.cache.Is it for the local ip address? Can I do it if I use the true 
>internet address(

Did you try?

>2. Do I have to use the localhost and 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa as two zones. 
>System knows localhost and each others in default.

They are two separate zones.

>3. As using "master" type ,how can the dns server  refresh its database by 
>the time (
>     1997022700 ; Serial
>     28800 ; Refresh
>     14400 ; Retry
>     3600000 ; Expire
>     86400 ; Minimum )

It doesn't need to if it's master.  If you change the file that it uses, 
you change
the serial number and run rndc reload.


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