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Sat Feb 2 09:51:18 UTC 2002

> I realize underscores in hostnames are illegal, per RFC952, RFC1101,RFC1033
> et cetera however I am trying to get my FreeBSD 4.4-Stable boxes to coexist=
>  in
> a Micrsoft dominated shop and the MS admins will not rename their boxes due
> to the hostnames with underscores being proliferated in our internal=
>  network,
> embedded into config files and applications ad nauseum.

	Well they should fix them.  It's not like those machines
	predate the RFC's which define what is allowed for
	interoperability.  The job is only getting bigger the longer
	they procrastinate.
> FreeBSD uses the bind resolver library, it is built into libc and when I=
>  use functions
> as gethostbyname and gethostbyaddr they may call the bind res_ routines=
>  which
> fail on hostnames with underscores.  Is there a *patch* I can apply to the=
>  resolver
> library code to make it allow the underscores?  I've hunted though the code=
>  to no avail,
> I can't find where the hostname checking is done.  This is driving me nuts=
>  as I am using
> FreeBSD on several boxes to monitor via snmp and the darn names of these NT=
>  boxes
> just won't resolve.
> The bind on our FreeBSD boxen is
> named 8.2.4-REL Sat Dec  8 12:06:37 HST 2001
>         art at
> So the res_ routines are from that Bind version.

	No they are not. They are much older. See
	/usr/src/lib/libc/net/res_*.[ch] plus others.

> I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide, I know this question has been=
>  asked
> a gazillion times before however I searched the net via google and the=
>  Bind-users list
> archives and couldn't find a patch anywhere.

	BIND 8 does have a switch which can be set in resolv.conf to
	turn the checks off, options no-check-names.

	I suggest that you file a PR.

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