BIND and OpenBSD vs. Chroot Problem

Simon Waters Simon at
Sun Feb 3 11:37:23 UTC 2002

Mark_Andrews at wrote:
>         Well it should be /var/named/etc/named.conf not /var/named/named.conf.

Or he could use "-c named.conf"

I chroot to /home/named with named.conf in that directory,
starting named thus;

/usr/local/sbin/named -u named -t /home/named -c /named.conf

>         on top of that the link is the wrong way around.

The link maybe the wrong way around, no point trying to get out
of a chroot jail with a symbolic link, but the link is not
required anyway.

9.2 has been out a while now as well, I think Mark is tiring of
reminding people about this.

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