DDNS not updaeing seconmdaries

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Sun Feb 3 11:45:20 UTC 2002

Kevin Withnall wrote:
> I have a subdomain that has no update security at all and people are
> updateing it as desired. the only problem is that the secondary
> doesn't seem to be updating as it should.
> The docs seem a little sparse on DDNS issues.
> Can someone let me know what should be happening ?

ON BIND 8 every five minutes (or after a 100 updates) the master
will update the serial number and notify the relevant servers,
which will then perform a zone transfer.

A slight lag is normal, you should make the minimum TTL small so
that negative responses aren't cached for too long.

BIND 9 increments serial numbers more often, and will default to
using IXFR, so run BIND 9. The BIND 9 documentation is better as

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