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Simon Waters Simon at
Mon Feb 4 00:45:56 UTC 2002

Layne Anderson wrote:
> "Layne Anderson" <layneanderson at> wrote in message news:...
> > I was wanting to forward all email addresses for my domain to my personal
> > email address. I thought the RP record would do this, but it isn't
> working!!
> > Should I add another mx record to fix this?

Yes, although many mailers will revert to sending it to the
server in the A record for the domain.

You can only choose a server in DNS, the server must know to
accept all mail for the domain and deliver it to you.

RP is informational in nature, some free DNS services use it to
help contact relevant people.

> >       IN  A

> > I also want to add subdomains to my website...what would I need to include
> > to do that??? Thanks for your help!

Distinguish between domain and zone. If your happy to have one
zone file to manage it just add the records in here.	IN A

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