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Mon Feb 4 19:43:46 UTC 2002

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Now we are getting off the topic of DNS and into network
troubleshooting, but try tracerouting to your ISP's DNS or some other
major box. That should tell you something about where the problem is.

However, if you opened up your firewall wide and it still doesn't work
it really can't be that. I would be taking a close look at the box'

Michael Kjörling

On Feb 4 2002 10:51 -0800, Thiemo Kellner wrote:

> > directly, and help rule out a firewall problem. If it can't do
> > this, it won't work unless you use query-source to force
> > specific ports, or some other firewall specific hack.
> Oh oh, I just checked it with fully open firewall and it gave me the
> very same result. Just for fun I pinged (my provider's
> dns) and, well, it timed out too! Pinging from an other
> host (the one that can dns resolve external host names) it worked
> perfektly. Ping my dns on all its nics worked perfectly well too. I
> must admit, that I am utterly confused.
> By for now.
> Thiemo

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