subdomain/name clash - avoiding shooting feet

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Feb 6 02:52:22 UTC 2002

Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> Is that right?

No, you can just add it to the zone. Had you delegated a
subdomain your have to add t to the relevant subdomain.

Here is an example using nsupdate.

02:44:48 srw srw $ nsupdate -k dnskey/Ktest.+157+00995.private
> update add www.www.eighth-layer.internal 86400 IN A
> update add www.www.www.eighth-layer.internal 86300 IN A
> update add www.www.www.www.eighth-layer.internal 86400 CNAME www.www.www.eighth-layer.internal

02:49:35 srw srw $ dig @linux1 eighth-layer.internal axfr -k
dnskey/Ktest.+157+00995.private | grep www

www.www.eighth-layer.internal. 86400 IN A
www.www.www.eighth-layer.internal. 86300 IN A
www.www.www.www.eighth-layer.internal. 86400 IN CNAME

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