First time not OK but subsequent query got resolved

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Feb 6 03:12:42 UTC 2002

At 09:11 PM 2/5/02, Stanley Liu wrote:
>BIND 8.3.1 on NT.
>Could someone help me out here please?  I have a situation that every time 
>I try to browse a URL (any valid host) the first time, it always returns 
>"page not found".  Subsequent queries are OK.  I have switched on Debug 
>level 4 in the nameserver and I have the following:
>06-Feb-2002 12:02:11.000 datagram from [].53, fd 176, len 128
>06-Feb-2002 12:02:11.000 ncache: dname, type 1, class 1
>06-Feb-2002 12:02:11.000 db_update failed (-10), cache_n_resp()
>06-Feb-2002 12:02:11.000 send_msg -> [].1155 (UDP 144) id=1
>evSetTimer(ctx 0x8a0020, func 0x413a90, uap 0, due 1012957333.000000000, 
>inter 0.000000000)
>pselect(177, 0xf5f5f5f5, 0xf5f5f5f5, 0xf5f5f5f5, 2.000000000)
>select() returns 1 (err: none)
>I was testing (browsing) with URL on a test 
>machine using its own nameserver ( as resolver.  The above log 
>comes from the test machine (it is the problem on the test machine 
>nameserver that I want to resolve).  What did the "db_update failed (-10), 
>cache_n_resp()" in the above message highlight? Or is it just coincidental?

I'd be concerned about the dname on the previous line.  If this really is a 
then I don't believe it's support in any version of BIND 8.


>Stanley Liu
>stanley.liu at

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