Partial subnet reverse DNS question.

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Wed Feb 6 13:22:09 UTC 2002

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Take a look at RFC 2317.

Michael Kjörling

On Feb 6 2002 00:03 -0000, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

> I have a friend using Nevada Bell Business DSL with 5 static IP addresses
> assigned to him:
> Netname: SBC066122083184020130
> Netblock: -
> (output from ARIN)
> I assume the useable ones are .185-.190 correct?  In any case, I'm trying
> to figure out how to go about getting control of the reverse DNS for this
> mini-subnet.  How can the ISP delegate this "zone" to our control?  I'm
> basically just curious how this works.. I know you can set up a zone like
> this:
> IN SOA <nameserver> ...
> But that would delegate for all 255 IP's under that subnet correct?  How
> would you do it for a subnet ?  Would the
> ISP set up something like this:
> IN SOA <our_namserver> <contact_etc> ...
> 186 "
> 187 "
> 188 "
> 189 "
> 190 "
> And then we'd just create a zone with PTR
> records?  Is this correct?  And any experience getting PacBell/NevadaBell
> to cooperate in setting this up?
> Thanks for any information.

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