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On Feb 6 2002 14:29 +0100, bob hy wrote:

> For this test, I thought I could use dig or host and
> force a authoritative request to bypass the cache et
> be sure that the answer come from Internet ...
> But it always use the cache...
> How can I do that ?
> (the option +aa for dig is not implemented I think)

Take a look in the book DNS and BIND, 4th edition, page 476 which says
in part:

	  Requires the answer to be authorative, not from a name
	  server's cache. It's too bad this isn't implemented, as it
	  would be a useful feature. Given the BIND resolver's design,
	  this feature would have to be implemented in the name
	  server, and it's not.

So I guess you're out of luck with that at least unless and until the
BIND developers decide it's important enough to implement it.

> Is it possible to clear the cache for a particular
> value ? (and not the whole cache)
> Thanks.
> I haven't found my response in the archive list
> David

I am not aware of any such functionality, but I believe it has been
discussed before.

Michael Kjörling

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