How can I check if my resolution server

bob hy ssim99fr at
Wed Feb 6 15:40:04 UTC 2002

Thanks for your response !

Could you give me please an example of such a name 
with a TTL less than one minute?

I don't know any...

Thanks again.


 --- Barry Margolin <barmar at> a écrit : >
In article <a3rbbv$7ss at>, bob hy 
> <ssim99fr at> wrote:
> >For this test, I thought I could use dig or host
> and
> >force a authoritative request to bypass the cache
> et
> >be sure that the answer come from Internet ...
> >But it always use the cache...
> The best idea I can think of is to look for a name
> that has a very short
> TTL, so it's not likely to be cached.  Many web
> sites that use DNS-based
> load sharing and failover (e.g. Distributed Director
> nameservers) have
> TTL's less than a minute.
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