BIND 9 to BIND 8 downgrade

Jim McAtee jmcatee at
Wed Feb 6 20:11:41 UTC 2002

Because of the problems with the Win32 port of BIND 9.2, I'm in the midst of
switching our Win2k BIND 9 nameservers to BIND 8.3.1.  Formerly, we were
running BIND 4.9, so I'm not completely familiar with the configuration
differences between BIND 8 and 9.

Will master zone files work well if they're unchanged from BIND 9?  A
typical zone file on our servers looks like the one shown below.  Is the
$TTL directive recognized by BIND 8.3, or would this zone file have a
default TTL on records of just 20 minutes?

$TTL 1d
@ IN SOA (
                        2001112701  ; serial
                        4h          ; refresh
                        30m         ; retry
                        28d         ; expire
                        20m       ) ; minimum
                   7d   IN NS
                   7d   IN NS
                        IN MX       10
                        IN MX       20
                        IN A
www                     IN A

In the options section of the configuration file, we use at least a couple
of BIND 9 specific options.  Is there a BIND 8 equivalent to notify-source
or transfer-source?  When I set up the servers under BIND 9, I believe that
these options were necessary to make notifies and transfers function when
running on machines with multiple IP addresses.

acl "localmachines" {;;

acl "secondarydns" {;;

options {
  directory "c:\named";
  listen-on {; };
  allow-transfer { "localmachines"; "secondarydns"; };


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